How to take photos of a document for a translation quote
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How to take photos of a document for a translation quote

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Wondering how to take photos of a document for a translation quote? While it may seem simple on the surface, many people make mistakes that complicate the translator's job and prolong the process. In the following article, we will provide tips on capturing document photos that are clear, complete, and enable us to provide you with an instant quote.

Prepare the document and your workspace

  • Find a well-lit area, preferably with natural daylight. Avoid shadows and reflections.
  • Place the document on a flat surface, such as a table or desk. Wipe off any crumbs or shreds from the surface beforehand.
  • Make sure the document is uncreased and lies flat.
  • If the document is stapled and you can unstaple it without causing damage, then do so. This will make it easier to take the perfect photographs.

Choose the right device

  • You can use your smartphone or digital camera to take photos.
  • Ensure that the camera has good resolution, with a minimum of 3 megapixels.
  • Clean the camera lens before taking a picture.

Take a picture of the document

  • Position the camera perpendicular to the document.
  • Avoid taking photos at an angle, as this can distort the image.
  • Remember to ensure that the photo covers the entire document.
  • Do not cover a section of the document with your finger or other objects.
  • Make sure the photos are sharp and clear.
  • If the document is double-sided, take photos of both sides.

Examples of unsuitable images

  • The photo is blurred or unreadable.
  • The photo is taken at an angle.
  • Fingers or other body parts can be seen in the photo.
  • The photo does not cover the entire document.
  • A section of the document is obscured.


  • In certain situations, the sworn translator is required to attach a certified printout of a scan or photograph of the source document to the translation. This is why it is so important to follow the instructions above.
  • Taking correct photographs of the document will enable a quick quote to be prepared.
  • In justified cases, the original document may need to be delivered to the office. This can be done in person or via parcel machine - in the same way as Receiving a translation from a parcel machine.
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