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Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting services

Interpreting services for business meetings, conferences and on-site trainings. Our agency offers a comprehensive range of interpreting services, regardless of the kind of meeting. We assist our customers during trade negotiations, business meetings, trade fairs or employee workshops.

Interpreting services from Berlineo are addressed to all companies and institutions interested in collaboration with professional interpreters. They are dedicated to customers expecting highest quality services. We guarantee that our interpreting services are professional and the best value for money.

Success of a conference, congress, symposium or any other international event is not possible without the satisfaction of its participants. It’s the professional, experienced interpreters who will ensure effective communication, thus allowing the guests to actively participate and gain valuable information.

We do everything to maintain highest quality standards. Our interpreters’ qualifications are verified and we effectively manage long-term interpreting projects. We also make sure to choose the suitable interpreters for each project, depending particularly on the topic.

Our task is to facilitate communication, so that our clients can focus on the essence of their project. Their recommendations are the best evidence that we are successful.

We offer all kinds of interpreting services in many language pairs, available in Poland and the whole of Europe.

Interpreting services: advantages of our offer

A full range of interpreting services

Our interpreters are available not only for standard meetings, but also out-of-town assignments. This type of service is dedicated to customers looking for language assistance during business trips, trade fairs and journeys abroad.

At Berlineo you can also order long-term interpreting services for trade fairs or trainings organised abroad. Such escort interpreting service is excellent value for money and is often ordered by our regular customers.

Language pairs in the Berlineo interpretation offer

We are flexible, ambitious and willing to help in any situation. We do not only focus on the most popular languages. We also offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovenian or Korean. However, English and German are the languages in which we carry out most orders.

Our speciality is the automotive industry. In Poland there are many production plants of the largest international automotive concerns as well as suppliers of components for the automotive industry. We often provide interpreting services into German on behalf of both of them. This is mainly caused by the fact that due to the proximity of the border with Germany and faster and safer transport connections, our western neighbors are more willing to invest in Poland.

Interpreting and escort interpreting

In Berlineo we specialised in escort interpreting. This service is different from a typical (consecutive) interpreting service. We provide assistance mainly on behalf of large production plants, whose employees go to a foreign branch as part of their qualifications. Depending on the training goals, they stay outside Poland for several weeks to several months.

The staff qualification programme in many cases includes health and safety training, short theoretical training and a long period of practical skills acquisition at the job. In the latter phase, no interpreting is needed for 8 hours of the employees being trained in the company. However, the presence of the interpreter is essential.

Translation assistance is necessary for so-called interventions - both on-site and off-site. Details concerning the scope of interpreters' duties, working hours, accommodation and catering are individually determined and adjusted to the needs of the project and the client's expectations. Due to the long-term nature of cooperation, we offer optimal costs of this interpreting service.

Translation support across the European Union

We operate mainly in Poland. Here we have the most trusted interpreters and feel like a fish in water. We have associates in the largest urban centers. They are skilled and experienced interpreters who are always ready to deal with the challenges and communication problems our clients face. We are also not afraid of difficult working conditions. Construction site, skyscraper roof or shop floor - we provide interpreting support wherever you need it.

We are flexible and always adapt to specific circumstances. Often this gives rise to a need for mobility. With our customers, we fly not only to European countries but also to other continents. Our interpreters travel from Poland on assignment to Germany, Austria or France. If necessary, they will take your employee to the doctor or dentist. The journey from Poznan to Warsaw, Krakow or any other city is not a problem for them either.

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