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Experienced conference interpreters, conference equipment, Tour Guide systems and professional conference management. At Berlineo we ensure professional conference services for all international events, customised solutions and full commitment on every stage of co-operation.

Interpreting at conferences, training sessions and workshops, team-building events or court sessions. We are ready to provide our services at all kinds of events and in diverse circumstances. That is how we manage to meet the needs of our customers from various industries. Among our completed projects you will find dozens of conferences and thousands of man-hours of interpreting.

What makes our offer of conference services so special? Highest quality standards and a professional approach. Our interpreting services are provided by the best conference interpreters on the market and the cutting-edge equipment is delivered by our experienced technical support team. This way we guarantee the best service which always receives praise. Now you can also become one of our clients and learn what highest quality services look like.

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Interpreting services

Our interpreting services are dedicated to all those clients who organise conferences a few times a year or regularly need consecutive interpreting, e.g. at business meetings. Additional services in our offer are: escort interpreting, interpreters for out-of-town assignments and technical support for international events. Our team is flexible - we work in the whole European Union.

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Simultaneous interpreting during conferences and congresses

It is extremely important that every participant in an event can benefit from the information provided - no matter what language he or she speaks. In order to ensure this during international conferences, it is necessary to provide professional simultaneous interpreters. It is important to ensure that the interpreter has experience in the field or subject matter of the conference.

It is also important to make as much material as possible available to the coordinator responsible for the organisation of the event to allow the interpreters to prepare for the correct completion of their work. The conference agenda, scripts, presentations, speeches - all of these documents are of great importance.

Conference services

Conference management services are addressed to those customers who rarely take care of planning and organising this kind of events themselves. What we offer is management of all technical aspects, so that the customer can focus solely on essence of the conference. We offer a comprehensive range of services and our team will address your needs. It is always the client who decides on the services ordered and how they’re provided.

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Comprehensive international conference services

The organisation of international conferences requires the skilful coordination of many people and actors involved, as well as expertise in technical field. The coordinator of these activities must also be stress-resistant. A moment of inattention is enough, and all the effort and hard work of the whole team can come to nothing.

International conferences require a comprehensive approach. While the date of each conference is important, the location chosen, as well as the service provided to the delegates and guests, professional interpreting is also important for an international conference. This is the basis for such an event to be considered properly prepared, perfectly organized and perfectly conducted.

Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the help of an experienced company, which will take care not only of the interpreting, but also of the organization, care of the participants or the matters of specialized conference equipment. At Berlineo we can provide a comprehensive service for international events, including catering and accommodation for participants and staff. We will make sure that everything is at the last button.

Conference equipment

Our agency offers professional advice on what conference equipment to choose and its rental, optimum solutions, setup and professional technical support throughout the conference. The equipment we ensure is of highest quality, in order to guarantee that everything goes smoothly. However, interpreting equipment is not all. At Berlineo you can also order audio and video recording services, book multimedia equipment or a professional master of ceremony.

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Conference equipment and technical support during conferences

No international conference will be possible without specialized equipment. And it's not just about the sound system, microphones or multimedia projectors. No less important are booths for simultaneous interpreters, desktops for speakers, headsets for participants. Reliability of all these devices, their correct connection, testing before the event starts are of great importance.

The interplay of all components, the coordination of the entire team, including those responsible for translation, headset delivery and catering, is a task for experienced professionals. At Berlineo we can also provide you with accommodation and transport for your guests. You focus on the core, and we take over the rest.

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