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Professional localisation for your company

Localisation services

Our agency offers professional localisation of marketing materials as well as websites and software. It is a specialist service carried out by native speakers of the target languages and with additional proofreading done by our editors. The result? Content which is fully adapted to the target audience and boosts your sales.

In some cases standard translation is not enough. Preparing new language versions of advertising materials, a website or software requires perfect adaptation of the content to the target audience. Localisation is about translating the text and making adjustments which will make it seem very natural to the audience. As if the website or game was prepared especially for them. Customer satisfaction has a bearing on the success of the project and tangible profits of your company.

Localisation is a complex process, consisting of several stages. Its aim is to prepare a translation that complies with the customer’s expectations and the users’ needs. For each such project we ensure experienced native speakers of the particular target languages and additional proofreaders. This way we can guarantee all details are taken care of and the end product is flawless. The localised text cannot be simply correct - that’s not enough. It must be attractive to the audience, otherwise it won’t fulfil its persuasive function.

Therefore, the translator has to be much more creative, and not every translator has such skills. That’s the reason it’s worth collaborating with such an experienced agency as Berlineo. We have completed multiple projects in the field of localisation of advertising brochures, games and applications, websites. Dozens of satisfied customers are the best evidence of our qualifications.

Localisation services at Berlineo

Who orders localisation services?

This service is addressed to all companies considering professional promotion of their products or services on foreign markets. Our customers are also advertising and interactive agencies designing marketing materials in many languages on a daily basis. Developers of games, applications and software who wish to grow their customer base order our localisation services too.

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