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Translation services

Translation services within your reach 24/7. With Berlineo you can order professional translation services quickly, without complicated procedures, and be sure of the results. All our services are provided in a professional manner, only by qualified experts in the field.

Translation services constitute the biggest share in our offerwhich was designed to cater to the everyday needs of companies, institutions and international corporations. Our agency offers technical translations, medical translations, legal translations or translation of manuals, among others. With a broad range of services we are able to deliver first-class service regardless of the customer’s needs or the language pair involved.

Our clients are mostly enterprises having foreign business partners or being a part of large global organisations. Such companies require translations on a daily basis and our attractive offer and excellent customer service are there to remove barriers in communication faced by their employees.

A comprehensive range of translation services from Berlineo

Translation services

Translations offered by Berlineo are a wide range of diverse services, available in many language pairs and fields of expertise. In our daily work we apply cutting edge software and tools which allow us to ensure fast turnaround, edit unconventional source files and manage terminology in the most efficient way. What matters to our customers is that we help them reduce outlays on translation services.

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Additional services

In order to provide our customers with full support in their online and offline marketing activities, apart from typical translation services we also offer professional graphic editing and multilingual DTP. What is more, among our additional services you will find, among others, Copywriting and Content Marketing.

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Localisation services

Localisation is applied in the case of materials which need to be perfectly adapted to the target area in order to bring the expected results. Such projects are always carried out by linguists experienced in localisation. Preparing website content in various target languages, localising software or games, naming, localising videos are just some of our areas of expertise.

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At Berlineo we translate into the following languages

Polish business has changed a lot in recent years. Thanks to innovative solutions, industrial revolution and opportunities for expansion, many local companies have transformed themselves into global companies. The nature of Polish business has changed dramatically. Following the dynamic change of the market, Berlineo offers its clients multilingual translation services.

Translation into many languages is a service addressed to manufacturers and companies operating in the e-commerce sector. The former in many cases make every effort to expand the group of recipients of their goods. The first target audience is customers from the European Union.

Expansion into European markets is a task that requires the translation of documents. Lease agreements for production halls or warehouse space, equipment manuals, safety data sheets, certificates and attestations are just some of them. The location of marketing content, such as product or service descriptions published on the Internet, must not be forgotten.

When the scope of the company's activities is extended to all EU Member States, the issue of translations becomes more complex. In this respect, we offer full support and support for projects covering several languages. We are not only supported by proven translators, but also by reliable programming solutions.

Translation services for e-commerce

E-commerce is a rapidly growing channel for the distribution of goods and services. This is due to the flexibility of web solutions. This allows companies operating in this area to easily expand their offer. This does not only apply to the products sold. Companies can reach recipients on other markets practically without obstacles. Even those thousands of kilometres away from the headquarters.

The only barrier is usually the language. Efficient communication in the mother tongue of your customers is the key to success. The image of a company on the Internet does not end with the design of a website. The content published on the website must not only be correct, but above all it must be located for the needs of the target market. Professional translation and localization of product descriptions, regulations, terms of order execution or guarantees, system e-mail templates are just some of the content you need to pay attention to.

As e-commerce is primarily about presentation on the Internet, the handling of translation orders for this sector requires the use of appropriate software. Thanks to it, we can develop a translation working directly on the source files exported from the website database or online store. There is no need to worry that the persons handling the order will introduce changes to the source code.

We provide translations regardless of the industry or subject matter. We have experience in many different industries, as well as issues and documentation for public administration. For over 13 years, our services have been used by companies, corporations, authorities and private individuals.

Translation for all customers - regardless of location

Our services are available to all clients. We serve companies from the SME sector, large companies, multinational corporations, public benefit organizations, foundations, research units or administration. Private individuals also use our services.

Written translations, website localisation, software and games localisation, as well as other services provided remotely, are available regardless of the ordering company's location. You can order them conveniently via Internet or telephone. At Berlineo we do not use any complicated procedures. All you need is a short e-mail confirmation or payment for the translation, and we will start working on your order.

We also do not accept any limits for services that require the presence of an interpreter. We provide interpreting services for clients from European Union Member States. The area of our activity is not limited to the territory of Poland. If necessary, we also provide interpreting abroad.

The network of professional translators we work with covers the whole country. Thanks to this, you can order interpreting services regardless of location.

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