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Translation services for companies and institutions

Written translation


Translation services are the main part of our offer. Each day, our translators spend dozens of man-hours in total working on translation of all kinds of texts, from standard to highly specialist. They work very hard and usually under much pressure.

Our offer includes a wide array of specialist translation services that are always well fitted to a particular job or project. Our ground rule for translation processes is to optimise costs of translation and provide constant high quality.

Translation services can be divided into groups on the basis of the level of difficulty. The more challenging the source text, the more time-consuming the translation. Thus we differentiate two types of translation: standard translations and specialist translations.

Another important factor, which also influences the price of service, is the delivery time. If the matter is very urgent and delivery of the translation is needed on the same day, we can provide express translation. The price, however, will be higher.

Prices of translation services depend on the abovementioned factors: topic, delivery time and volume. If you’d like to find out how we estimate costs of translation services and what factors influence the prices, please visit the Translation Prices page.

Fields of expertise and our experience

Procedures, applications and scripts that we have developed allow us to process and edit almost all types of files containing the material to be translated.

Vast experience, verification of translators’ qualifications and our quality assurance procedures have allowed us to gain great trust of our clients, including large companies and organisations from such industries as:

Translation services: accepted source files

Our agency is prepared to work on many different, also unconventional, file formats,thanks to cutting-edge translation software. It allows us to work faster and more effectively, and makes implementation of the translation very easy even for non-standard file extensions. For a list of the most popular file formats we work on please visit the Supported Formats page.

We will help you make real savings, but also streamline your business processes, because collaborating with us is very easy. Start saving your time by gaining the benefits of working with Berlineo, such as limited formalities or quick estimates.

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