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Professional localisation of computer games

Video game localisation


Among our services you will find localisation of mobile, desktop, console and browser games into several languages. Localisation of games is crucial if you intend to truly access foreign markets. Thanks to professional localising services your products will be more likely to succeed among users living in a different language environment or cultural sphere.

You are a software developer who wants to reach users all over the world? What you need to achieve global success is professional multilingual translation and localisation. Localisation of games and applications is absolutely necessary to make them popular on a global scale. If you wish to break into the developing markets of Asia or Latin America, you will need more language versions than just the English one.

We have been working in the field of games localisation for years. Throughout this time we recruited many reliable, expert translators. We are aware that not every translator can take care of localisation projects, therefore we only assign enthusiasts of games to this type of jobs, people who are happy to localise games into their mother tongue.  

Multilingual localisation

Would you like to sell your product in Japan? We can help you with that: we co-operate with experts in game localisation into Japanese. Interested in making a good impression on Scandinavian gamers? No problem.

We offer localisation services in over 20 language pairs. We ensure highest quality of our translations and short deadlines. For us compromise is not an option. Customer satisfaction always comes first, so we will do what it takes to meet your expectations.

All localisation services from one company

Translating and localising computer games is not, however, our only focus. We offer all sorts of localisation services, including website localisation, localisation of software and mobile apps.

In addition, localisation at Berlineo includes testing, selection and adjustment of graphic elements as well as adaptation of content. We also encourage our customers to choose multilingual SEO services for additional promotion of their products.

Would you like to place an order? It is really simple. Send an enquiry using the form below. Add content you need to localise as attachment and click “Send”. We will prepare a cost estimate for you instantly.

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