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How much do translation services cost?

Translation prices


The process of preparing a translation involves several stages. Not all of them are directly related to the translation process, nonetheless they are necessary as well. Below you will find a list of factors which influence translation prices.

Price of the translation depends on several variables. The most important of them is the language pair (source and target language). For example, translation from English to Polish will be significantly less expensive than translation from German to Korean or Chinese.

Another important factor is the volume of the text which is to be translated. The bigger the number of pages, the higher the cost of translation. It should be noted however that we calculate the number of standard pages rather than the number of physical pages. One standard page is 1800 characters with spaces.

Equally important is the level of difficulty of the source material. Price per page of translation will be definitely lower for a standard official document than for scholarly publications or marketing materials requiring localisation.

It is because translating very specialist and complex texts requires more time than translation of standard content. Therefore we distinguish between standard translations and specialist translations.

The final aspect influencing the price is the deadline for completing the job. Nowadays many customers have very high expectations regarding the turnaround time. As a result, translators work long hours, also on weekends or public holidays, which in turn is reflected by the higher prices of translation services offered. One should assume then that the shorter the deadline, the higher the cost of translation.

Prices of translation services - most popular languages

Translation services: what influences the price

The abovementioned factors are only a part of the explanation of the pricing rules. Translation agencies use specialist software that allows them to store all texts translated for a given client in a database which constitutes a translation memory.

Such recorded translations are used for every subsequent project of the client as an additional tool for the translator. The major advantages of this solution are: the possibility to provide cohesion in all translated texts, reduction of completion times as well as financial savings.

The way translation memory influences prices of translation services is quite complicated. Nonetheless, we believe that customers should know where our prices come from. That is why articles on this topic are being published on our blog. The first of them can be found here. Enjoy!

How do customers of Berlineo translation agency benefit?

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