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Translation of software and applications

Software localisation


Software localisation services are addressed to all software developers who want to break into new markets and find new users. Software localisation is the process of translating and adapting the content, the user interface and “Help me” files to the audience from a different language area.

In other words, localising is about making the software suitable for a specific language or culture area. The aim of the process is to develop and edit the content, choose photos and graphics, design the interface and the menu, as well as the packaging and marketing materials in such a way as to match the expectations of the target market. It is much more than translation. What is particularly crucial in this process is to consider the specific cultural characteristics of the area the developers wish to enter.

Software localisation services are chosen by software developers who want to increase their customer base in an efficient and systematic way by getting into new markets. They are both large corporations and small or medium sized companies, and even independent developers.

What is software localisation?

Preparing other language versions of the software is just one of the stages of localisation. It is however a crucial stage. By using appropriate translation software one can - already in this step - eliminate several problems which can occur during the implementation of new language versions of the user interface. For example, by adjusting the length of phrases to the space available.

Choosing the right graphic elements and photos, creating navigation bars or editing the “Help” messages are also part of the localisation works. Support in the implementation stage and throughout the testing, as well as proofreading and making the necessary adjustments are included in our services too.

Our team is always there for the developers on every stage of the localisation and adaptation process. We have the know-how and the experts that allow us to develop a product which precisely meets the expectations of the users. What is important, we know how to eliminate even the smallest errors and potential problems even before the product is released.

Software localisation in a nutshell

How you benefit from software localisation

If you are wondering whether professional software localisation is worth investing in, we have the answer: yes, it is! Why? Your product will be perceived as if it was created especially for its users from the target market. It may seem unimportant, but in fact, it will produce tangible benefits. The more satisfied customers you have, the higher the sales of your product.

Would you like to be considered a professional software developer? Focus on the details. Make a good first impression and you will reap the benefits. Customer satisfaction results in actual profits and a positive brand image.

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