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Simultaneous interpreting at conferences

Simultaneous interpreting


Professional simultaneous interpreting for conferences, congresses and company events delivered with commitment is our specialty. At Berlineo you will find the best conference interpreters available for events in Poland and abroad. We collaborate only with qualified interpreters who have extensive experience in simultaneous interpreting.

Are you planning a conference that will have a significant influence on your project or even the whole company? When you need the best interpreters, you choose Berlineo. If you are organising a conference and need a reliable partner to help you with this task, find out more about our offer of conference services.

We specialise in conference interpreting, where the interpretation is simultaneous with the source language speech, and the interpreters always work in pairs, since this kind of interpreting is very difficult and requires the highest level of concentration.

We can boast vast experience and guarantee that we work only with professional interpreters who deliver highest quality of services. That is why so many companies and institutions have already decided to trust us.

In the case of simultaneous interpreting specialist equipment for wireless transmission from the booth is needed. Therefore we decided to assist our customers also with technical support for their conferences and other events.

Customers who ordered simultaneous interpreting from Berlineo

How to order simultaneous interpreting

If you want to become one of our satisfied customers too, send an enquiry, place an order and enjoy the benefits of our professional interpreting services.

In case of any questions, our team is at your disposal. They will be happy to tell you more about our offer.

Each year we work at dozens of international events (mostly in Poland), providing simultaneous interpreting and conference equipment. Without employing the “relay” system we can ensure interpreting in several language pairs. In the case of relay interpreting, our services are available in most European languages.

We also offer our clients reliable equipment, suitable for organising conference interpreting in many language pairs concurrently. Commitment and effectiveness is what we always aim for.

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