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Translation and adaptation of multimedia content

Multimedia localisation


Multimedia localisation, for example of presentations, audio and video recordings, brochures or animations, is the perfect way to make your advertising and multimedia materials more appealing.

Nowadays a growing number of companies decides to promote themselves using means such as online presentations, video clips or animations. Multimedia are also applied for instructions, manuals or other corporate materials , as it makes them more attractive to the audience and improves learning.

However, before these materials can be made available to the audience worldwide, speaking many different languages, they need to be professionally, thoroughly localised with cultural adaptation in mind.

Among our services you will find customised solutions which meet highest quality standards and are based on our extensive experience in localisation.

What is the difference between translation and localisation?

To put it simply, standard translation is mostly about the words, the grammar, conveying the message of the source text. Whether it’s a whole document or just a phrase or a sentence. Whereas localisation is a process which goes one step further. Apart from translating the content, the aim is to present it in such a way as to make a specific impression on the precisely defined target audience.

Conveying the meaning is just one thing. Cultural aspects like the style, type and colour of font or graphics and photos used in the target text are equally important. Some customers consider this unnecessary. However, once they realise that due to cultural and linguistic differences certain phrases, slogans or even product names can evoke negative associations, they tend to change their mind and become convinced that professional localisation is a good investment.

How you benefit from professional multimedia localisation

Many of our clients have discovered that cultural adaptation of marketing materials and the advertising strategy increases their chances of winning new customers and boosting sales. Localisation supports efficient management of brand image.

If you’re still not sure if localisation is for you, just contact our customer support team. We will be happy to answer all your questions and tell you more about this service.

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