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Interpreters for negotiations, congresses and trainings

Consecutive interpreting


Consecutive interpreting at training sessions, negotiations, business meetings and congresses. Our team of experienced interpreters is here to ensure smooth communication at your meetings, in various language pairs. Are you planning workshops for your employees? Or perhaps you’re going abroad to negotiate with a foreign business partner? We can provide an interpreter for any kind of event.

When ordering consecutive interpreting at Berlineo, you can be sure of the quality of services , as we collaborate only with experienced, qualified and professional interpreters. In the consecutive mode the interpreter interprets the speech in the breaks between fragments produced by the speaker, piece by piece. The interpreter is in the centre of attention almost as much as the speaker.

Therefore, even the smallest details count, because the interpreter becomes a kind of a representative of your company. Their performance influences the way you are perceived by your business partners.

Our offer of interpreting services is addressed in particular to local manufacturing companies, institutions which organise trainings or companies that often exhibit at trade fairs. Also international corporations looking for highest quality and professional interpreters choose our services.

Our customers appreciate our simple terms of co-operation and reduced formalities. To book an interpreter you just have to make a quick call or send us a message using the enquiry form.

Our agency offers consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting in many language pairs, also between two foreign languages. For bigger projects we can provide our customers with interpreting in many language pairs simultaneously or consecutive and conference interpreting carried out at the same time.

In the biggest cities in Poland such as Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Cracow or Katowice we can organise interpreting in English, German, Russian or French even if the service wasn’t ordered in advance. If you need an interpreter of one of these four languages today, call us now and place an order.

Consecutive interpreting from Berlineo

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