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Professional conference services from A to Z are our specialty. Our agency stands out from the competition thanks to the comprehensive range of services. At Berlineo you will order not only conference interpreting, but also the necessary equipment and many additional services.

We have a comprehensive approach to conferences. We can provide you with technical support throughout the whole event, from transport and setup to configuration and testing. Our team can also take care of handing out the headsets for conference participants. Our professional technicians will make sure there will be no unpleasant surprises in the course of your event.

Nonetheless, it’s simultaneous interpreting that is our main area of expertise. We collaborate with the best conference interpreters in the country, qualified and experienced, who have spent hundreds of hours working in the interpreting booths. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, energy or IT, our interpreters will be perfectly prepared for the job. You have our word.

Simultaneous interpreting into many languages

Our agency offers interpreting services not only from the most popular languages such as English or German, but also many others, for example Romanian or Slovak. We also provide conference interpreting in the „relay” mode.

This solution is applied when it’s not possible to interpret directly between two languages, e.g. Czech and Russian. In such situations Polish is used as the intermediary language, so for example Russian interpreters use the Czech-Polish interpreting as their source, and the other way round.

Conference services from Berlineo include:

Who could recommend us better than our customers?

Hundreds of companies from Poland and Europe have already chosen Berlineo as their business partner. You can order our conference services too. Just let us know what you need and we will prepare an offer which meets your expectations. Contact us using the enquiry form or via e-mail. We will send you a detailed offer of professional conference services promptly.

If you’d like to learn more about the projects we worked on in the past, we invite you to visit our blog. There you will find detailed information on some of our translation and conference management projects.

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